How does BTCycler work?


BTCycler is a straight line cycler program with a forced matrix.

What happens when I cycle out?


When you cycle out of BTCycler you receive .22BTC + 5 paid positions.

What is the relationship between BTCycler and BTCInvestments?


We have partnered with BTCinvestments and share common goals and objectives.

How do I go about funding my account?


  1. Once you have logged into your account
  2. Click on the Fund Wallet button
  3. Enter the exact amount you will be depositing
  4. Select Coinpayments payment option
  5. Click submit
  6. You will then be redirected to a Coinpayments link
  7. Fill in your details; Name, Surname, and email address
  8. Click on bitcoin button under "choose your coin"
  9. Click on Complete Checkout
  10. You will then be given a bitcoin receiving address. This you will need to use to transfer bitcoin from your personal blockchain or bitcoin wallet to your BTCycler profile.
  11. Due to the time frames for confirmations to be completed you will need to wait for the funds to reflect before you can purchase a position or positions in BTCycler.
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